The Millennial Generation

Each year, several of organisations dedicate themselves to understanding the behavior of the millennial generation. What is it about the millennial generation that makes it different from the other generation? Why is it so difficult to put the behavior of the millennial particularly in one box? To begin with, millennial abhor the concept of boxes. The horizon of the millennials go way further than the previously existing notions of physicality and culture.

Millennial GenerationMillennials have used the technology to make this world a smaller and accessible place. They do not confine to black-and-white culture, and their world comprises of many shades, and many facets of life. They don’t have a set benchmark, or a pattern in their lives because they have witnessed the sheer monotony of routine in the generation before them. Millennials are in the constant process of re-calibrating their sense of existence and livelihood. Millennials are also in the process of innovating the way they associate meaning to object, culture, and other discourses around them.

However, not everything is golden in the era of millennials as they face multiple challenges in the face of life. The need for instant success and gratification is robbing millennials off their patience and perseverance skills. In several parts of the world, there are political and economical problems directly damaging the evolving process of the growing millennial generation. Problems such as inflation, unemployment, and rising education prices is affecting the overall lives of so many young adults of the current century. It is quite clear that it’s a roller-coaster ahead, but nonetheless millennials are truly serving as a symbol of defiance, modernity and novelty.

The path carved by millennials is of interdependence, collaboration, and being connected. Overall, the millennial generation isn’t stuck with one mindset for a long period of time. They believe that the key to good living is versatility and variety.