The Importance of Traveling and Open-Mindedness

Travelling and open-mindedness are the branches of the same tree. Each human being must travel to gain new eyes, because the sheer monotony of the life can make one a passive individualist. Travelling broadens our horizon of thinking and unravels us to a new state of being, a being who is fully whole in its existence.

Travelling is the basic science of open-mindedness. When we travel, we carry a different personality with us, a personality that is ready to embrace the changing surroundings and circumstances for the goodness of travelling. During travelling we are exposed to a completely new way of life which enables us to broaden our thinking and understanding of life in general.

Traveling and Open-MindednessThe cross-cultural interaction between human beings leads to generation of new ideas and communication pattern. In meeting a person from a culture different from ours, we inculcate a sense of patience and perseverance. Travelling means meeting people, and seeking help in completing the journey successfully. It means offering company to each other and rediscovering our own realities.

Traveling is a bit different from being a tourist as a traveler moves with the objective of growing and unleashing. A traveler is ready to wander and face obstacles. A tourist moves for the sole purpose of enjoyment whereas travelers wish to shape their understanding of the world. Therefore, to broaden your knowledge, carry the heart and mind of a traveler. Be prepared to be a wanderer, and take surprises and shocks with an open mind and heart.

It is important to shed the luxurious mind of a tourist and adapt the open-mindedness of a traveler. In life, we all crave for newness. It is quite natural to have the desire to shed the past because each day is different from the previous one. Travelling brings that newness, and each journey changes us a bit.