Ten Things We Wish Disappeared

Human kind is fairly old, and the fact that certain toxic traits and issues are deeply embedded in our tradition is highly alarming. We hope that in the upcoming time certain elements will be completely untraceable in our world.


IgnoranceIgnorance is not always a bliss as it proposes a culture of narrow-mindedness. Everyone should make a genuine effort of creating this world irrespective of their gender, status, religion, and culture. As sentient beings, this is our biggest responsibility.


Discrimination of any sorts isn’t healthy. In a healthy culture, everything is embraced with equality as diversity is the main essence of nature itself.


Enough of gender disparity already, we all wish to witness an equal world where people are perceived on the basis of who they are and not what their gender is supposed to be.


Globalization is on its peak, and there is seriously no room for racism.


If we think that we are advanced enough to touch the shores of mars, then it is about time to give up on wars and power games because it is a symbol of backwardness.

Slow Internet

No one has the patience for slow internet, and it isn’t right to expect to develop patience for slow internet.

Expensive Flights

We all wish to travel the world and broaden our horizons. Money shouldn’t be a barrier but an instrument of mediation.

Pretentious People

Being pretentious is a sheer waste of time and energy, let’s try to put an end to this.


We all deserve to eat food and have a shelter. Equality of wealth should be looked as a solution to eliminating world poverty.

Bad Behavior

Ill treatment by human beings to fellow human beings should be avoided at any cost because somewhere deep down in our genetic embodiment, right to be respected is ingrained.