Ten Things That are Here to Stay

We all wonder if we should hold on to something closely because it might soon vanish. It is a fair though to have but we are currently in the middle of a historic era and there are certain elements that are definitely going to take a bit of time in vanishing completely from our lives such as:


SmartphoneThe number of smartphone users rises everyday, and it has made everybody’s life so much easier and faster. We all truly cherish the heightened era of connectedness.

Streaming Music

The act of buying a record/CD already feels vintage. Steaming music on internet is fast and cost-effective.

Streaming Television

Similarly, watching a television on a prescribed time or the fear of missing your favourite show has completely disappeared due to the invention of online television.


The access to videos from around the world is truly fascination for human imagination.

Smileys and Emoticons

Smileys and Emoticons have made the process of communication easier, expressive, and faster. They are definitely here to stay.


The gaming industry is highly future-oriented. It is considered as industry with an extreme level of potential to change the existing realities.

The Culture of Traveling

As globalization is on the rise, people are becoming global beings. People love indulge in cross-continent goods, and culture. The margin between high culture, ethnic culture, and pop culture is largely diminishing.

  • Startups==

Everybody seems to be in an entrepreneurial mood, resultant we have a series of startups with fascinating services, goods, and opportunities.


Everybody identifies with expressing oneself through body tattoos. In fact, the millennial generation is bosses with this form of self-expression.

Lists of 10 Things

List journalism is on rise, and not everyone is fond of reading long articles anymore. Any list of ten things related to live in general is a popular choice among the readers of the current generation.