An Era of Expressionism

We are living in the era where people have started to look beyond the ritual view of transmission of information, and communication process. People’s senses are determined by literature, music, and other forms of expressionist art. Expressionist art aims to connect with people on the basis of inner reality, as opposed to constantly revolving around the external reality.

People and organisations around the world are gradually moving towards the direction of creating a non-linear environment suitable to all. In any given situation, everyone desires to get closer to the truth. The rise of digital platforms has brought people together and everyone is in constant endeavor to look beyond the mechanical reproduction. Expressions of the individuals have different ways of interpretation, and most importantly they are not always orchestrated to seek benefits or create an enviable realm.

An Era of ExpressionismIn this era of artistic and creative freedom, people are looking beyond the cultural conditioning. As a matter of fact, the rate of immigration is on an all-time high. People travel oceans of distance, in pursuit of their dreams. As new realities establish itself, innovation occurs. Innovation is a fruitful process of re-creating in order to make the past reality better than the present, and rightfully so, there are far too many appreciators and mediators of this phenomena. As creativity merges with technicality, physicality, and management — we dive deeper into the world of expressionism. In the approaching times, we will be a part of completely different altered reality.

To keep the spirit of this movement of expression alive and thriving, we all should support new ideas and thoughts. Everyone should be able to acknowledge their talents irrespective of their sexual preferences, gender, and ethnicity. The theoretical framework of promoting humanity and diversity should be brought to reality, and in this endeavor we all should support one another.