Aligning your Career with Passion

We are living in the time where it is tough to make money doing what we love because of deep rooting of the capitalist ideologies. Many of us are not able to align our passion with our careers for the sake of survival. In such a scenario, we all feel burned out because each day we involve ourselves in activities forcefully.

Career with PassionIs it true to that it is tough to pursue our passion? According to several studies, many people refrain following their dreams because of the fear of failure. Pursuing your passion demands you to be courageous and let go of all the fear and self-doubt. It is true that in the beginning everything looks like a hike up the Mt.Everest but breakdown your goals into a series of small achievements rather than expecting an instant big leap.

One of the biggest problems of our digital generation is that we are all seeking instant gratification and we do not like to wait. However, this very instant culture is robbing us of our confidence and self-esteem. It takes milliseconds to make years, and this is how one should calculate one’s capabilities and talent.

Your passion is your inner calling, and by ignoring it you are ignoring yourself. We all stand at the threshold of a couple of paths filled with tough decisions, but if you wish to be a content person a few years down the line — embrace your inner and outer struggle. Take a few steps towards your dream, work hard in making each and every small steps right. Each and every goal is achievable if you combine passion, knowledge, and skill in correct proportions.

Lastly, keep motivating yourself. Do not seek motivation or inspiration in the outer environment when it is available in abundance in your inner world.