Ten Things We Wish Disappeared 0

Human kind is fairly old, and the fact that certain toxic traits and issues are deeply embedded in our tradition is highly alarming. We hope that in the upcoming time certain elements will be completely untraceable in our world. Ignorance Ignorance is not always a bliss as it proposes

Ten Things That are Here to Stay 0

We all wonder if we should hold on to something closely because it might soon vanish. It is a fair though to have but we are currently in the middle of a historic era and there are certain elements that are definitely going to take a bit of time

The World of Thriving Imagination 0

Thought is the basic evolution of thinking, everything begins with a thought. To bring about a change in the world, it is essential to reach to the imagination of people. Currently, with the evolution of digital culture, the world is experiencing a thriving sense of imagination in its population.

Aligning your Career with Passion 0

We are living in the time where it is tough to make money doing what we love because of deep rooting of the capitalist ideologies. Many of us are not able to align our passion with our careers for the sake of survival. In such a scenario, we all

The Importance of Traveling and Open-Mindedness 0

Travelling and open-mindedness are the branches of the same tree. Each human being must travel to gain new eyes, because the sheer monotony of the life can make one a passive individualist. Travelling broadens our horizon of thinking and unravels us to a new state of being, a being

Complexity in Diversity 0

The world environment is getting diverse each day, as heaps of people travel in search of life suitable to their taste. If you look at any given industry, be it business, education, media or television — you will notice a varied range of faces. According to certain studies, diversity

The Millennial Generation 0

Each year, several of organisations dedicate themselves to understanding the behavior of the millennial generation. What is it about the millennial generation that makes it different from the other generation? Why is it so difficult to put the behavior of the millennial particularly in one box? To begin with,

An Era of Expressionism 0

We are living in the era where people have started to look beyond the ritual view of transmission of information, and communication process. People’s senses are determined by literature, music, and other forms of expressionist art. Expressionist art aims to connect with people on the basis of inner reality,